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Smile, the leading European integrator and expert in open source solutions, presents its new service, Open Source SaaS, which gives users a large range of open sources solutions accessible in SaaS mode: messaging and collaboration, e-commerce, development and infrastructure, etc.

More information is available at

“Our Opensource SAAS portfolio is a response to real market demand. Open source software is garnering more and more acclaim, and many decision-makers have been hoping for a global platform that would give them access to the best open source solutions in a more packaged, enterprise-ready format that could be deployed in three clicks, for an all-inclusive price and with billing by user,” explains Grégory Bécue, Smile Marketing Director.

Backed by its experience in the fields of hosting and IT management, Smile now offers turnkey, untethered software solutions in SaaS mode: provision of software, high availability hosting, IT management, version upgrades, start-up kits and more.

“The Opensource SAAS solution makes use of all of Smile’s skills sectors,” adds Patrick Kouassi, Smile Systems Director, “the integration team on the one hand, to set up software assets and for hosting and operation, and the support team on the other, for version upgrades and patch application. All of this is built on OpenStack and KVM for virtualization, as well as Puppet and Fabric for industrialization of the whole.”

The Opensource SAAS catalogue was launched with two initial solutions:


BlueMind: a comprehensive corporate messaging solution available starting at €1.99/month ex-VAT:


ConversionBooster: an e-commerce site monitoring tool for boosting sales. This tool was developed by Smile’s R&D team:

Other solutions in the fields of infrastructure and development will be packaged and released in the coming weeks: Zimbra, OwnCloud, Akeneo, OroCRM, Redmine, Git, GLPI, and more.

« We hope to quickly launch new solutions for Opensource SAAS. We are in contact with many open source vendors and communities, namely Zimbra, OwnCloud, Akeneo, OroCRM and GLPI. In the long run, we hope to offer some 50 of the top open source software solutions on the market, making Opensource SAAS a crucial platform for ITDs and operational staff. »

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